Maine Association of Retirees

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About Us

"It all started over coffee"

MAR is the voice of Maine public sector retirees. A small group of retirees established the Maine Association of Retirees in 1981. Their goal was an organization representing the unique interests of thousands of individuals who had spent their working lives as State, Teacher, Judicial, Legislative and Participating Local District employees in Maine. They knew from experience that policy makers respond to numbers and that public sector retirees, speaking as a group, could be an effective voice at the State and local level.

During those early years, MAR successfully advocated for:

  • A 1995 constitutional amendment to restore the financial stability of the Retirement Fund;
  • More diverse representation of retirees on the Retirement System Board of Directors; and
  • Annual cost-of-living adjustments to pensions for all Maine public sector retirees.
Coffee time

In 2012, the Maine Association of Retirees filed suit in the Federal District Court in Bangor challenging legislation that eliminated public pension cost of living adjustments for three (3) years and reduced those adjustments going forward. While there is not yet a final ruling (the case is on appeal), MAR is proud to be the first organization to legally test the new law.

Today, MAR recognizes that we represent several “generations” of retirees with diverse needs and interests. Many retirees continue to work, either for financial reasons, or simply as a way to stay engaged in the life of the community. Others are taking primary responsibility for the care of older parents, or grandchildren. Our members give generously of their time as volunteers in a variety of organizations.