Maine Association of Retirees

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Who are MAR members?

Annual Meeting

Anyone who receives a monthly check from the Maine State Retirement System is eligible to join MAR. This includes retired state employees, retired teachers, retired local district employees, and beneficiaries of the above. MAR is a broad based organization… fire-fighters, teachers, legislators, public works crews, accountants, lawyers, clerical support staff and administrators ….MAR represents these retirees, and many, many more.

Strength in Numbers – why YOU should join

MAR has 15,300 members - with a potential to grow to 30,000 Public retiree members in Maine. And now, as we steadily move into the 21st century, MAR is changing and growing to better meet the needs of all its members.…If you are a State Employee, or a Teacher or a local district employee, the Maine Association of Retirees may be just what you need to help you plan for and protect your retirement.

April 20, 2012 MAR Membership - 15,300

30,000 Retirees – now that would be a force to be reckoned with! There is strength in numbers – by joining MAR you add your voice to the growing number of retirees in Maine who WILL be heard in Augusta and Washington. The best way to protect your retirement (the “fund” and your rights as retirees), and to influence the policies that will affect Maine’s senior citizens is to become an active member of MAR – “Leading the Way for Maine Retirees!”

Annual Meeting

MAR Regions

To better meet the needs of public retirees throughout the Maine, MAR is made up of 5 Regions. Each MAR region has its own regional representatives and each region has its own Regional Meetings to assist MAR Officers and Staff in the setting of goals, objectives and the priorities for the MAR legislative agenda. See our Regional map.

Our Plans for Growth

As a result of a major organizational study and strategic planning process (2006), MAR Officers and Staff have established an aggressive growth plan for the organization. A higher level of exposure for the organization combined with a revitalized sense of purpose and renewed focus will allow MAR to meet it’s new growth goal:

25,000 Members by the year 2021

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